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    I believe we are past the point of no return when it has to do with EA’s greed, they just make a lot of cash from the present version and I really don’t blame them for continuing on this trajectory. I believe the only real way to Madden nfl 21 coins determine real improvement will be for the exclusive license to end. This is not a proposal for others to do the same, since I really do adore Madden even with it’s flaws. That is my way of»fighting back» from EA while at the same time employing the savings to purchase my new console. Not buying Sports Games + Packs for a single season = Savings to buy a console also sends a small message into EA.

    After they gave up on toty players. I am just done with the game all together. I will not spend less on madden since NES. Me not spending cash on madden for annually would just save me $60. True. I meant all EA games not just Madden, but I really feel you. 500 dollars a year purchasing packs? Even that being on the end I dont understand how ppl justify it to themselves fully knowing it resets. I meant on all EA games maybe 4 or 5? So maybe a couple hundred spread out over several»Ultimate Team» Modes. Hell I might even add 2k!

    Yeah you send a small message. I believe this is silly. You may manage the console, you don’t have to boycott a game for it. I agree that the message is absurd, small, and insignificant. My point is normally I am not the sort of person to take a stand against a company by not buying their games, but in such a circumstance it’s a double benefit so I figured I would try it and hopefully contribute to a larger message to EA by the masses. Although I assume sales will be as high as usual and nothing will change.

    I want help deciding when to Purchase cheap Mut 21 coins

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