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    Needing to find abilities to buy PSO2 Meseta be learnt by discs is a fairly stupid imo that is mechanic and the hotbar system is terrible. I don’t get why I can’t just have several hotbars rather than having to scroll through subpalettes and palettes and shit onscreen. It. The system sucks. The party UI is minuscule and much can’t be customized by you. Can’t put buffs over icons to inform what they do. No penalty for dying because you can respawn like nothing happened. Conversation occurs in the lobby since the content you run is so easy that you barely need to say anything.

    The system is convoluted and you have to spend ages sifting via youtube videos and wikis to understand it. The simple fact that there are new-type and old-type weapons using two distinct strategies to improve (mill ) them is foolish. Affixes and caps are unintuitive unless you’ve got a guide. Collection files are pretty dull since they just boil down to»spam more EQs» that is probably what you’re doing. Every time you kill a boss that they shed a ton of useless shit and explode as a pinata. As a beginner it’s hard to know what’s well worth picking up and what is not. I guess you can vendor them to an NPC?

    Flat cap unlock quests are really bothersome. Do I need to get a 13* +35 weapon to level beyond Lv75? It’s just. Who really finds those fun? Most quests (client orders) are only kill or fetch quests. They are all incredibly boring, although there are many of them. Some customer orders are annoying to do. The everyday ones especially. Most of them ask enemy that is x to be killed by you but everything you know is which field that enemy is located in. Which means you’ve got to run around for ages at a large shitty map trying to find the mob you’re supposed to kill, since the wiki doesn’t tell you just where they unfold. Like the dinosaurs are even remotely hard to kill so it simply turns into a chore, it is nothing.

    The narrative is totally terrible but at least it just consists of cutscenes today and I really don’t think that it’s necessary to clear to advancement (considering you FFXIV). Needing to cover ability tree resets sucks. I know somebody will answer to this with»just await some free reset lol» but no I am not going to wait around for SEGA to launch a balance patch only so I can reset my ability tree, that’s fucking dumb. When that is going to take place, I really don’t know. Before you fuck your ability tree as a beginner assembles for your class ASAP. Mags are stupid as well because they are only stat-sticks that are supposed to increase cash shop revenue as you can not reset your Mag’s stats.

    There’s a gacha game on mobile you could play to acquire EXP on your character. Most people just use the mobile game to spend money on the cash shop since you can use your google account to pay which is a whole lot simpler than doing it on desktopcomputer. The game is complete garbage. This is subjective so I will ignore this although I really don’t think the combat is intriguing. I know a lot of folks like the battle but I guess that the clunkiness of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the UI destroyed it for me personally. In addition, the fact that the majority of mobs die in a few hits.

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